Please note Phase 1 of Kimberley to Cape finished 30 June 2016.  It’s hoped there will be a Phase 2 in the near future. Please email Shar Molloy at  shar.molloy@ecnt.org if you can assist or if you have questions about Kimberley to Cape. 

We believe in a successful future for Northern Australia, do you?

Our Vision

The unique, multiple and globally important values and resources of the Northern Australian savanna are safeguarded into the future through appropriate development and conservation.

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Our Purpose

To support development and conservation that embraces natural and cultural values, and strengthens communities, from the Kimberley to Cape York.

Our Role

  • facilitate conversations and collaboration to build a shared picture of a successful future for Northern Australia
  • provide forums for knowledge exchange, discussion and connection to inform this picture and help align, improve and expand efforts towards it
  • make and take opportunities to catalyse action towards shared success

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Our Scope

Kimberley to Cape is working to serve and support organisations across the North  to ensure a sustainable and prosperous future for all of us. We are facilitating informed conversations and agreement on what this future might look like, and starting to align effort, investment and action around this shared vision. We are working in the coordination, policy and communications space to support local people on country and identify and promote the benefits of a healthy and intact savanna. We don’t aspire to become an umbrella or ‘top down’ entity, but rather a grass roots led change agent.

Our Difference

Kimberley to Cape is different from other initiatives because it is:

  • futures orientated
  • service focused
  • a broker and convener of multiple sectors
  • located in the North, and one of the few initiatives working across the whole of the North
  • grassroots based, listening to people across the North and amplifying their voices
  • not doing ‘on ground’ work but rather supporting those who do
  • about appropriate development and conservation, the two going hand in hand
  • independent of government funding
  • working with others to create and hold a vision that inspires and unites those interested in pursuing it

Check some key messages  here

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