Your support is most welcome (and critical)!

Kimberley to Cape backbone needs

  • Support for the Kimberley to Cape Coordinator position and ideally additional person ($100k+ per year  for remuneration, overheads and basic operations)
  • An enhanced website and communications products  to promote KtC, values of savanna landscapes and their benefits via webpages, enews, videoclips, social media, brochures, magazine articles etc)($10k-$50k per year)
  • KtC annual Roundtable forum and/or workshop(s) (please see below for specific examples) to bring organisations together to exchange ideas, build relationships and facilitate collaboration across the North ($40k-80k per year, including travel support for remote participants)
  • KtC roadshows to meet face to face with people and organisations across the north ($10k-$40k per year)

Activities we’d like to facilitate

  • Supporting local and landscape planning for development and conservation across the North by bringing people together to share plans and planning processes relevant to development and conservation at a variety of scales, in order to enhance and expand successful efforts ($30k-$80k)
  • Identification and collation of shared ecological priorities across the north to assist planning for development and conservation and communications ($10k-$60k+ for expertise,  mapping, collation, workshop etc)
  • Promoting the importance, benefits and needs of Indigenous land management work across savanna landscapes in order to ensure secure and ongoing ecological, economic, social and cultural outcomes ($30k++)
  • Bringing groups interested in aligning their activities towards shared goals together to do so ($20k-$60k)
  • Collecting, aligning, exchanging and innovatively communicating shared stories, and examples, of ‘success’ across the North. This could include tools and processes to assist people imagine different futures for northern savannas and identify common ground and key elements of “success” ($40k+)
  • Better identification and communication of the benefits to people of intact, healthy savannas ($10k – $30k)
  • Improving our evidence base to refine our goals, identify effective measures of success and further demonstrate returns on investing in these areas ($20k–$40k)
  • Investigating a  ‘’brand’’ for Northern Australian goods and services that promotes its unique natural and cultural values, leading to enhancement of these values and strengthening of communities through associated best practice industry standards, sustainable development and conservation initiatives ($20k-$80k)
  • Working with the grazing industry across the North to support biodiversity and connectivity outcomes through facilitating dialogue and actions around incentives, extension, training or accreditation schemes ($60k+)
  • Developing a shared policy framework to ensure greater foresight, co-benefits and transparency around major developments in the North. The framework could include eg agreed principles, risk assignments, offset policies and compatibility criteria, and its adoption would generate improved investment security for industry and communities.

If you’d like to support one or more of these initiatives please let us know and/or please donate via the Environment Centre of the Northern Territory, letting them know your donation is for the Kimberley to Cape initiative! Donations are tax deductible. To donate now please either use the ‘donate‘ tab on the ECNT website, this GiveNow link, or make a deposit to Bendigo Bank BSB: 633 000, Account: 150351468, Acct name: Environment Centre NT. Thank you for your investment in the North’s future.