Please find below some links relevant to the KtC initiative:

Books, reports etc


  • The Northern Australian Indigenous Land and Sea Management Alliance (NAILSMA) is a leader in finding practical solutions to support Indigenous people manage their land and sea resources into the future.
  • The National Environmental Science Program’s Northern Australia hub  aims  to improve biodiversity conservation and support sustainable development in northern Australia through sound research and planning, innovative policy and strong partnerships.
  • The Northern Research Futures Collaborative Research Network is working to understand and address the social impacts and processes of change in Northern Australia related to infrastructure development, public policy, climate change, migration and security.

More background on tropical savannas and their values

  • The CRC for Tropical Savannas’ (1995 – 2009) website includes a wealth of information and resources about savanna landscapes. It includes links to innovative web tools (eg NAFI, Infonet and North Australian Land Manager),  education and training projects, and over 60 publications. 
  • The CRC’s EnviroNorth website explores Australia’s magnificent tropical savannas. It provides resources and information for learning about, and how to sustain, Australia’s tropical savannas.