Our Great North, Our Great Northern Savanna

The ‘Our Great North’ initiative aims to raise awareness about the outstanding natural, cultural and economic values of Northern Australia, focusing on the values of the savanna. This savanna is the world’s largest intact savanna, and is a priceless asset for all Australians. We want the savanna recognised on maps and tea-towels, like the Great Barrier Reef and Great Dividing Range, and we want its values to be sustainably used, protected and celebrated!

The initiative has four components:

1. A policy note ‘Our Great North’ – an illustrated, easy-to-read booklet about why it’s economically, socially, culturally and environmentally wise to keep the world’s greatest tropical savanna intact, and how we could do this whilst still developing the North.

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2. An Evidence Base that supports our policy proposals. Science, local knowledge and collaborative multi-sector dialogues and workshops underpin our work.

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3. A Plan to implement the high level recommendations in Our Great North, and make them measurable so we can assess progress towards them.

More coming in Kimberley to Cape Phase 2

4. And, because the North’s savanna is dominated by eucalypts,  an Ecological and Conservation Assessment of the Eucalypts of Northern Australia.

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