We are currently undertaking  the following initiatives :

  • Sharing Stories of Success –  this initiative is  collating ideas around what success might look like for a particular sector or topic, with the aim to identify and expand common ground, and hence identify, align and amplify common messages
  • Northern Australian News Roundup  – this aims to facilitate cross sector information sharing, and more informed conversations about the future
  • Strengthening Connections  across the North initiative – facilitating collaboration , knowledge exchange and action on agreed topics via regular teleconferences around a vision to “ensure the world’s greatest tropical savanna and rivers region retains its outstanding natural values, supports its vital Indigenous cultures, and hosts strong communities, from the Kimberley to Cape York”
  • Our Great Savanna – this is founded on our Eucalypts of Northern Australia report and includes promoting the values and benefits of the Northern Australian savanna, as well as collating science on how important it is to retain an intact landscape into the future and why. One products will be a ‘Developing the North whilst retaining the world’s greatest savanna is possible – here’s how’ document that includes a shared statement  based on our joint submissions and Roundtable outcomes, and parallel ‘Here’s why’ product  (this includes an evidence base encompassing biophysical and social science)
  • We are also undertaking a range of other complementary activities including submissions, information gathering, monitoring progress, reporting and seeking funding.

We have completed four initiatives:

We are scoping  work around:

  • convening a second Northern Australian Futures Roundtable
  • a ‘Northern Australian development report card’ based on meaningful indicators of success (economic, social, cultural and environmental)
  • how to advance place-based planning for development and conservation
  • how to advance a shared policy framework for large developments (see here  for scope)

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