Please find Kimberley to Cape news below (please contact Clare if you have any comments or updates on a topic, or if you’d like to know more).

30 Jun 2016 – thank you to all who have supported Kimberley to Cape Phase 1.  Over nearly three years we have brought people from many different sectors toghether to work towards a sustainable and prosperous future for Northern Australia. We look forward to re-engaging with you later this year in Phase 2!

21 Jun 2016 – Kimberley to Cape is proud to launch our Phase 1 policy note ‘Our Great North’. In this report we outline seven key reasons why it’s important to keep the world’s greatest tropical savanna intact. We then propose seven overarching actions that we believe will lead to better recognition, use, protection and management of this outstanding asset. We offer the ‘Great Northern Savanna’ as an all-encompassing name to reflect its scale and value to Australia. Our intention in writing the report is to broaden the perspective of the Develop the North agenda, and for decision makers to recognise that a successful future for Northern Australia needs to be founded on its globally-significant natural environment, its rich Indigenous cultures, and community values. This report is therefore aimed at those who influence, or have the potential to influence, decisions regarding the North’s future (ie you!). Read more.

Our Great North_cover image

20 June 2016 – Kimberley to Cape is participating in the Developing Northern Australia conference in Darwin – looking forward to a good two days!

10 Jun 2016 – Kimberley to Cape participated in the East Arnhem Land Ranger Forum hosted by Dhimurru Rangers at the Garma Festival site outside Nhulunbuy. It was great to hear the achievements and challenges of the groups, and we need to work together to secure ongoing resourcing for ranger work across the North (see also 13 May post).

East Arnhem Ranger Forum June 16IMG_20160608_153738679

2 Jun 2016 – please find May’s news round up here.

30 May 2016 – sadly Kimberley to Cape phase 1 will be wrapping up on 30th June 2016 due to a combination of factors (please contact me if you’d like to know more!). Ill be moving to a new North Australian role, but hope to work with supporters to help establish a phase 2 later this year or in 2017.

13 May 2016 – the Connections group heard from CountryNeedsPeople and discussed securing and expanding funding for Indigenous rangers. Review after review attest to the multiple benefits of Indigenous ranger programs – see here for more info.

4 May 16 – the Northern Aust News Round-up for April 2016 is out and includes some early budget news for the North.

20 Apr 16 – the independent review of KtC is now available, and please let me know if you’d like to know more. The review found that the initiative has done very well especially given the scale of its ambition and available resources. It recommends tightening objectives, promoting tangible products, and securing funding to match our vision. Thank you to all who contributed and we are using the review to shape Phase 2 of KtC!

12 Apr 16 – KtC is at the North Australian Food Futures conference to share and seek feedback on our draft discussion paper ‘What success might look like for agriculture across the North’ using monopoly money (see this page for more info)! Key messages we are hearing include – the need for policy certainty in e.g. water allocation, the importance of partnering with Indigenous communities and, how critical the North’s clean green safe reputation is.  Thankyou to NT Farmers for this exciting opportunity.

food futures conf 2016IMG_20160413_153959295 (00000003)

6 Apr 16 – we are in the final stages of drafting ‘Our Great North’. This easy-to-read publication explains why it’s important – economically, socially, culturally and environmentally – to keep the world’s greatest tropical savanna intact. It includes 7 recommendation on how we can develop the North whilst retaining an intact savanna. Read more


31 Mar 16 – be informed… Northern Aust News Round-up for Mar 2016!

11 Mar 16 – we have collated a draft program for the KtC ‘Connections‘ group for 2016 which includes sessions on Indigenous partnerships, Resourcing for NRM, NESP updates and Agriculture in the North, as well as quarterly General Updates/Strategic Issues sessions. Please contact Clare for more information.

2 Mar 16 – please find an overview of February’s news relevant to development and conservation across the North Northern Aust News Round-up for Feb 2016.

17 Feb 16 – congratulations to the Darwin Mining Club and RDA NT for convening an industry panel to discuss the sustainable development of Northern Australia. We hope to hear more voices speaking up for community,  cultural and environmental values at the next event!

10 Feb 2016 – KtC attended the CRC for Developing Northern Australia information session in Darwin. KtC urges CRC decision makers to recognise that agriculture, food and tropical medicine are only part of the development picture, that the North is not ‘empty land’, and that proactively nurturing the North’s competitive advantage of ‘clean and green’ is essential to the successful development of the agricultural and food sectors here.

1 Feb 2016 – double issue of Northern Aust News Round-up for Dec 2015 and Jan 2016, enjoy!

25 Jan 2016 – we know it’s hard to read too much so are working on distilling our key messages. Check this out (pdf version here)!

Our Great Northern Savanna_ key messages_29jan 2016

11 Jan 2016 – Happy New Year from Kimberley to Cape! To start the year off looking at the big picture, here is a simple 2 min video that captures the importance of managing landscapes in a connected way to reach our development goals – enjoy…

15 Dec 2015 – Season’s Greetings to all! It’s been a very productive year for Kimberley to Cape and thanks to everyone for your interest and support. Please think of us if you are giving for Christmas!

130411 Christmas Card 2014 Website-2

30 Nov 2015 – November’s been a busy month for news across the North, see this edition of the Northern Aust News Round-up Nov 2015.

20 Nov 2015 – We have initiated an evaluation to assess achievements to date and inform KtCs future direction, and would appreciate your input – please see the questions here!

13 Nov 2015 – the KtC Coordinator has been awarded a certificate for excellence at the Australasia-Pacific Extension Network conference in Adelaide – thank you to APEN and my gov/industry-based nominator!

APEN certificate low res

12 Nov 2015 – KtC presented this poster at the annual Territory Natural Resource Management Group conference today.

Poster Kimberley to Cape - Strengthening Connections across the North_for web

(Pdf of poster here)

9 Nov 2015 – John Woinarski and Stephen Garnett provided an excellent update on Threatened Species initiatives relevant to Northern Australia as part of the ‘Connections’ teleconference series.

31 Oct 2015 – the Northern Australian News Round-up for the month of October is available here.

6 Oct 2015 – today’s Connections teleconference focused on water resource development in Northern Australia with a presentation by Cuan Petheram CSIRO, lead author of the Northern Rivers and Dams report.

3 Oct 2015 – KtC is keen for your feedback on what success might look like for agriculture in Northern Australia. Please see this link or click here for a pdf of the 4 pager.

30 Sep 2015 – please find a collation of September’s news here Northern Aust News Round-up Sept 2015.

21 Sep 2015 – KtC traveled to the Kimberley to listen and talk to people about economic, environmental and Indigenous issues relevant to progressing our goals. Focus areas included the Kimberley Land Council’s AGM and talking to growers, government and community organisations to better understand and describe what success might look like for agriculture in Northern Australia…


7 Sep 2015 – the Connections project PLU shared updates and priorities and discussed the new $24M Nthn Aust Environmental Resources research hub with Prof Michael Douglas.

31 Aug 2015 – feedback on our monthly news round-up has been great eg ‘an impressive collection’ (industry rep), ‘great effort and a valuable contribution’ (community leader), ‘great resource’ (land council rep),  ‘fantastic initiative… a great way of highlighting key issues’ (researcher), ‘its great,  very easy to read and comprehensive’ (industry rep), ‘another terrific newsletter’ (engo rep), ‘great job’ (gov rep), ‘this is so useful’ (snr academic). Please find this month’s here: Northern Aust News Round-up Aug 2015.

27 Aug 2015 – Kimberley to Cape is collating perspectives on what success could look like for agriculture in Northern Australia and identifying questions that, when resolved, should help increase policy certainty for communities and investors. The idea is that in developing and refining such a shared story we will generate a clear and more consistent narrative to shape a successful future for the North. A draft will be available soon for input and discussion, and we invite your views!

31 July 2015 – please find a summary of July’s news relevant to Northern Australia here Northern News Round-up July 2015.

23 Jul  2015 –  the Developing Northern Australia conference convened by the Association of Sustainability in Business Inc highlighted the importance of developing the North socially and sustainably as well as economically. Speakers emphasised the importance of clever, community-orientated, and coordinated development, and the need for whole-of-north thinking rather than a project by project approach.IMG_20150722_153752564_HDR JM!

2 Jul 2015 – KtC held a PLU to discuss the recently released White Paper on Developing Northern Australia. The actions proposed in the paper aim to establish the North as an ‘economic powerhouse’, opening up a quarter of the land to development and committing ~$1B to hard infrastructure (+ the $5B concessional loans scheme)… we call for this investment to be used for clever developments that create enduring  jobs for local communities and that safeguard  environmental and cultural assets…  we also seek detail on how these outstanding assets, which are crucial for many industries and already facing multiple threats, will be maintained.

‪ white paper vision pic

(White Paper’s vision for Northern Australia from the  White Paper’s industry.gov.au  website video)

White Paper word cloud of Section 1 Developing the North (or)

(word cloud of Developing the North Section 1 of the White Paper)

30 Jun 2015 – please find a summary of June’s news relevant to Northern Australia here Northern News Round-up June 2015.

25 Jun 2015 – KtC convened a discussion about the future of Northern Australia facilitated by Prof Steve Cork, lead author of ‘Australia 2050 – Structuring Conversations about the Future‘.

16 June 2015 – Please consider making a tax deductible donation to Kimberley to Cape to facilitate conversations and collaborations towards a more successful future for the North… check out this 30 sec promo video for more inspiration (it’s a first so pls go easy (but give big))!


9 June 2015 – Kimberley to Cape hosted the first in a series of topic-specific conversations aiming to facilitate collaboration around agreed issues relevant to a successful future. This one explored what’s happening around Northern Australian WEEDS, and is looking into opportunities for sharing information, aligning messages and catalysing action on this topic. Pls see here Northern Australian Weeds Network concept proposal or contact Clare if youd like to know more….

31 May 2015 – it’s been a busy month for news so the second summary of news across the North is here Northern News Round-up May 2015.

30 April 2015 – in the spirit of facilitating more collaboration across the North, we’re trialing a northern news ’round-up’. Newsclips cover local to national topics relevant to our goals and we hope you find it useful. Your contributions and feedback are appreciated. Here’s the first edition Northern News Round-up March & April 2015!

14 April 2015 – Kimberley to Cape shared ideas and identified opportunities for synergies at the Ten Deserts initiative workshop in Alice Springs. The Rangelands Society annual conference was running concurrently making the trip even more worthwhile.

23 March 2015 – It’s National Eucalypt Day and we urge you to check out our Eucalypts of Northern Australia report, including a one page ‘key information’ and 15 page summary. Thank you to the Bjarne K Dahl Trust for investing in conversations and collaborations across the world’s largest intact, eucalypt-dominated, savanna!

Eucalypts of Northern Australia_flyerEucalypts of Northern Australia _Fast Facts FINAL single page

5 Feb 2015 – We’re pleased to welcome two new members to the Kimberley to Cape Advisory Group, Barry Hughes from the Gulf Cattleman’s Association, and Grant Fenton from the NT Farmers Association (with back up from Ian Baker, agricultural consultant). We would also like to thank and farewell Ricky Archer from Northern Gulf NRM who has recently moved to NAILSMA.

7 Jan 2015 – Happy New Year to all! Kimberley to Cape is looking forward to a productive and exciting year…

20 Nov 2014 – Kimberley to Cape presented at the Northern Development and NRM workshop run by Territory NRM along with Luke Bowen, Micheal Douglas, Drew Wagner, Tom Ryan, Greg Owens and Mark Crummy

19 Nov 2014 – Kimberley to Cape had a presence at the World Parks Congress in Sydney via a booth kindly donated by the South Endeavor Trust and a paper in the ‘Reconciling development with conservation stream’.

WPC Kimberley to Cape booth w CT

29 Oct 2014 – Kimberley to Cape traveled to Georgetown in the northern Gulf as a guest of the new Northern Gulf Cattleman’s Association.

gulf cattlemans AGM Oct14 crop

28 Sep 2014 – check out our new Kimberley to Cape Connections Brochure and postcards ready for the World Parks Congress in November

snip of savanna to seasnip of coastal wetlands

21 Aug 2014 – the joint submission is in! The 3 page response to the Green Paper on Developing the North was supported by over 30 organisations representing multiple sectors such as tourism, agriculture, seafood, Indigenous, environment and research and represents important common ground regarding the future of Northern Australia.

6 Aug 2014 – Kimberley to Cape traveled to Kununurra and Broome to meet with multiple organisations and individuals.

snip of GT_pentecost

10 Jul 2014 – Kimberley to Cape was part of the Natural Resources Working Group of the ADCs Summit on Northern Development in Townsville.

20 Jun 2014 A Kimberley to Cape Advisory Group has been established consisting of Territory NRM, Northern Gulf NRM, Minerals Council of Australia NT, Regional Development Australia NT, RIEL at Charles Darwin University, Australian Conservation Foundation, Greening Australia and Savannah Way Tourism.

20 May 2014 – Kimberley to Cape and partners presented to the Joint Committee overseeing the Parliamentary Inquiry on Developing Northern Australia.

9 May 2014 – the Northern Australian Futures Roundtable has just finished –  thank you to everyone who contributed for making it such a success with 70% of participant feedback forms rating it as ‘very good’ and 28% as good (about half the participants completed the form). Please see the Initiatives tab for more info!

tables 3table upcloselogos of supporters

20 Apr 2014 – final version of the Eucalypts of Northern Australia report is now available on this and other websites – take a look! A summary version is being drafted.

12 Mar 2014 – our joint response to the Parliamentary Inquiry on Developing Northern Australia has been submitted! Please see the Initiatives tab for more information.

6 Mar 2014 – Kimberley to Cape presented an overview of activities to the Collaborative Research Network of James Cook University, Charles Darwin University and others.

20 Jan 2014 – the first draft of ‘A Conservation Assessment of Eucalypts of Northern Australia’ has been delivered by Don Franklin and Noel Preece – a great piece of work!

20 Dec 2013 – Kimberley to Cape hosts a second teleconference to further discuss future work including the proposed joint submission to the Parliamentary Inquiry on Developing Northern Australia. Participants included Peter Yu (NAILSMA) Penny Figgis (AC IUCN, WCPA),James Fitzsimons (TNC), consultant Kate Peak (RDA NT), Allan Dale (JCU & RDA FNQ&TS), and Ian Pulsford, Bob Debus, Doug Humann and John Woinarski (concerned experts).

20 Nov 2013 – Kimberley to Cape travels to Canberra and Sydney to meet Northern Australian Taskforce and other government representatives and well as potential friends and funders.

7 Oct 2013 – Kimberley to Cape hosts a teleconference to discuss paths forward. Participants include Penny Figgis (ACIUCN, WCPA), Doug Humann (Consultant), Andrew Campbell (CDU), Barry Traill (PEW), Geoff Lipsett Moore (TNC), Allan Dale (JCU & RDA FNQ&TS), Karen May (TNRM), John Woinarski (Consultant) and Graham Tupper (ACF) .

27 Sep 2013 – Kimberley to Cape presents at an Alice Springs workshop exploring future options for the Trans Australian Eco-link.

19 Sept 2013 – Kimberley to Cape website launched.

01 Aug 2013 – Clare Taylor gets started as Coordinator of Kimberley to Cape.