Sharing Stories for a Shared 2030 Vision

Project description and aim

Kimberley to Cape is working to share stories to align messages around topics relevant to the future of the North so we all have a clearer picture of what ”success” may look like. We are synthesising, simplifying and sharing the views of diverse organisations around topics such as planning,  agriculture, conservation, tourism, mining and grazing  in an attempt to find common ground and win-win outcomes.

As well as being useful in themselves, these stories will contribute to collaboratively developing a 2030 vision for a prosperous and sustainable Northern Australia.

For each topic in the series, as well as attempting to attempting to draw out what most parties agree on, we also raise questions for discussion in an effort to expand common ground and hence increase policy certainty. We highlight interactions between topics/sectors and outline what organisations, including Kimberley to Cape, might do to help achieve success  in that area.

The ‘stories’ are drawn and developed from conversations and documents from across multiple interests, for example from industry, Indigenous, conservation and NRM interests, and are dynamic and evolving.

The idea is that in developing and refining these shared stories we will generate a clearer, coherent and more consistent voice and vision for the North.


1. Sharing Success Series – Shared principles to guide the future of Northern Australia

2. Sharing Success Series – Planning for conservation and development

3.  Sharing Success Series – Agriculture in Nth Aust Agriculture in 2030 (Mar16) – please let us know what you think!

4. Sharing Success Series – Pastoral lands in Northern Australia in 2030 (coming soon)



January 2014 – June 2016