Workplan and more

There are various ways of explaining the theory of change Kimberley to Cape is employing to make a positive difference to the future of the North. This table shows how KtC actions address key pressures from a natural assets based theory of change.

snip of Theory of Change Table

Alternatively, the diagram below shows at a high level the link between our current activities and short, medium and long term goals.

Theory of Change diagram Sept 2015

More specifically from a work plan perspective, Kimberley to Cape will deliver the following  by 2016/17 (pdf version):

KtC Role 2015-16 action 2015-16 output 2016-2017 goal
1. Facilitate conversations & collaboration to build a shared picture of success for the North Continue to work with multiple sectors on ‘Sharing Stories of Success’ (eg agriculture, grazing, mining, tourism) Shared stories on agriculture & pastoral futures capture common ground & key questions Stories & examples brought together into a shared picture of success for the North. Productive forum or Roundtable held that contributes to shared picture & agreed pathways to achieve it.Shared statement developed based on the consensus/ common ground that has widespread support across multiple sectors & multiple regions.
Work to earn & support Indigenous engagement & leadership Respectful & productive engagement
Collate examples & indicators of what success might look like First draft of example case studies complete
Scope options for future-orientated forums such as the Northern Australian Futures Roundtable Forum options scoped & proposal supported
2. Make and take opportunities to coordinate and catalyse action towards shared success Promote the values of an intact healthy savanna, benefits of natural & cultural resource management, & critical role & needs of communities Compelling evidence base & well supported case for action eg ‘Our Great North’ publication Significantly improved recognition & support by government, industry & northern & southern population centres
Coordinate action on at least 3 topics including a) recommendations of Eucalypts rpt, b) funding for caring for country activities, c) planning support Approach agreed & actions implemented Effective individual &/or joint actions or advocacy leading to positive outcomes  such as changes in policy, legislation, incentives, funding etc as relevant
3. Provide forums for knowledge exchange, discussion and connection, and help align, improve and expand efforts towards shared success  Organise regular teleconferences, news &/or web platform to exchange knowledge on policies, planning, projects, practices & other relevant issues Well subscribed 4-8 week news round-up, useful web/social media interface, engaged ‘’Connections’’ teleconferences Partner organisations are well informed about programs, activities, research & news both generally & on specific topics relevant to KtC goals, & activities are more effective as a result
Support local & regional planning for sustainable development & conservation by sharing ‘what’s happening, what’s working, what’s next’ across the North Workshop covering eg country based planning, enterprise planning, sustainability frameworks & regional visions, & follow up action plan Actions from workshop implemented & regional communities supported to hold informed discussions about the future of their region & develop a plan, prospectus or vision. Link with Roundtable

The KtC Coordinator will also work to engage partners, monitor and evaluate actions and outcomes, and seek funding.